In his own words he is telling us that the PCR TEST interpretation is the thing that is being "abused"--because cycles above a certain amount for your specimen can "show anything you want it to!" While he was Apr 07, 2020 That means it is a needle in a DNA haystack test No one has seen how this "virus" looks in reality The problem is what they are showing in "positive" PCR tests is our body's own harmless exosomes which look exactly like Covid-19) They need our DNA to compare the alterations over time to see if and how our DNA is changing with the Dec 30, 2021 Kary Mullis INVENTED the PCR Test Mullis The scientist who invented the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test Kary B Kary Mullis warned us about back during the fake HIV/AIDS scandal, also fronted by their favourite lying scum Nov 02, 2021 TINP will take a guess as to why the PCR is really a DNA collection tool It finds fragments, nucleic acids A PCR testNov 03, 2021 PCR test shows only an RNA sequence COMPUTER model of the virus, not a real virusNov 12, 2021 Flu and Cov2 are such similar waste products that the PCR technique wont distinguish between them, something the RT-PCR inventor Dr Mullis From an email from Kary Mullis, to the widow of boxer Tommy Morrison, whose career and life were destroyed by an HIV test, and who litigated ferociously for years, against test manufacturers, Dr (We know from its inventor, Kary Mullis, that it is not a diagnostic test