Healing the Brain: Stress, Trauma and LGBT Youth

About This BookWe take a close look at the emotional and physical tolls taken by stress in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. We examine the unique damage caused by chronic, long-term stress and the damage inflicted by post-traumatic stress disorder. Gay youth in foster care experience the worst outcomes from depression, substance abuse, and suicide, all brain diseases and disorders. The book looks closely, in lay terms, at the importance of the brain in health, learning, and addiction. The book includes a glossary of brain-related terms, an annotated bibliography of books in fiction and non-fiction that discuss brain topics, and a list of resources on supportive organizations for user reference. www.HealingTheBrainBooks.comTopics: Development, LGBTQ Stress, Memory, Depression, Concussions/CTE, Addiction, Domestic Abuse/Traumatic Brain Injury, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.Praise for the series:“David Balog takes a subject fraught with difficulty and makes it simple and accessible to everyone. The book goes a long way in helping one understand how and why and in what ways stress affects how we live and cope. Invaluable.”​--​Jessica Watson-Crosby, president, National Association of Former Foster Children “...[A] book for educators (or anyone working with youth) that explains the complicated workings of the brain in an easy to understand manner. The author goes on to discuss various types of trauma and how the adolescent brain responds to trauma such as depression, stress, addiction, risk taking, PTSD, etc. LGBT/Q youth may experience….I highly recommend this book!​--​Carol Dopp, M.Ed. “David Balog understands the strain of alienation, so he tackles this subject with compassion and concern. Mr. Balog draws on his knowledge of brain science to give readers insight into what happens to young people under tremendous stress, and he offers practical advice on how to help and cope.”​--Gary L. Cottle, author "Provides comfort and learning to the reader. Flows easily from one topic to the next and knits tidbits of information together in a unifying mosaic. Easy to read. Difficult to put down." --Michael J. Colucciello, Jr., New York State Dept. of Mental Health researcher, retired

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Book Title: Healing the Brain: Stress, Trauma and LGBT Youth

Book Author: David Balog

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