A Major League Love

For the Love of the Game...The sound of the crowd, the smell of the grass, the feel of the bat. For Luca Milano, baseball is more than a game, it's poetry. A star college ball player, upon graduation he is drafted by a major league team and assigned to a minor league team in Durham, North Carolina. There, on the field, misfortune in the form of a badly-thrown ball sends his life on a path he'd never expected. A path to pain, heartache, and love.Sammi Jo Jackson loves baseball more than anything else in the world, much to her mother's constant frustration. Constantly compared to her perfect and feminine older sister, Sammi Jo just wants to live her life without sacrificing who she truly is. But a surprising friendship with a minor league ball player, and his unexpected love of poetry, introduces her to a world beyond any she's ever known. The only trouble is, he's dating her perfect sister.A Major League Love is a story that bridges the gap between baseball and poetry, between friendship and love, bringing the heart and soul of America's favorite game into a beautifully poignant metaphor for life, regret, love, and loss.

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Book Title: A Major League Love

Book Author: Domenic Melillo

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