The Radius: Book 2: Living in the Radius

Book 2: Living in the Radius of The Radius Series is a Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Thriller written by D.M. MUGA. Ben, Eileen, Alexander, and Richard are four of close to nine million people that were trapped within the Blue Hole Radius, in Southern California, and emerged into a world that is 1,410 years into their future.For every second that passed by inside of that radius, twenty-three and a half years passed by outside of the Radius. This resulted in the advent of the Blue Hole Radius, stalling time for those trapped inside for 1,410 years.Benjamin Reilly and Eileen Rivera crossed paths and wound up traveling together with another newly lost traveler, Alexander Mathis. The trio made their way to the mountains in Crestline, California. Unfortunately, the atrocious criminal Richard Stevens made his way into the area as well.How will the people of the Radius adapt to the new world that they were left with? Will their successors of Earth-One return from Earth-Two? How do Americans deal with everyday life, when America is a long distant memory?Follow our survivors, once again, in what was once Southern California... Once America... As they try to navigate their way through the Radius and the new world that was left behind for them, in the year 3433.

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Book Title: The Radius: Book 2: Living in the Radius

Book Author: D.M. MUGA

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ISBN: 173580472X